Taureans are typically dependable and stable folk. They enjoy luxury, comfort, food, and pretty things, as their ruling sign is Venus. Because they are an earth sign, they are people that have a natural vibe about them and look for practicality. All the Taureans I know are pretty laid back people, hardly ever revealing too much emotion; that is until you get them angry. Sometimes it seems like that’s the only emotion they really truly express, otherwise it’s pretty smooth sailing with them. I’ve heard that in order for a Taurus to let you in, you have to experience something meaningful with them.

I’ve noticed Taureans typically have large eyes, yet they’re not too revealing, much like a cow’s. Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus and she definitely had those eyes. Also that Disney actress Debby Ryan is a good example for Taurus eyes. They can also be known to be on the thicker side. I noticed a lot of female Taureans have wide set hips, as far as females go. It’s always easier for me to spot female bulls than males. I noticed Taurus males have somewhat of a blunt face.

Taurus is one of my favorites, so I’m happy that it’s their time to shine.




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Bettie Page photographed by Bunny Yeager, 1954

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Pola Negri

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